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Electronics Notes Ham Radio Store: Kenwood

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Kenwood started building communications equipment as far back as 1955 entering the amateur radio market in 1958.

Many of the early products were marketed under the Trio brand, but nowadays everything is sold under the Kenwood banner.

Kenwood has a large range of equipment ranging from base station HF rigs right and VHF / UHF rigs through mobile products to handheld transceivers.

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Kenwood have a large variety of equipment that is available. These fall into four main categories:

  • HF & All Mode Base Station: Kenwood's HF and all-mode products operate on the traditional HF bands that are found between 1.8MHz to 29.7MHz. Also the 50MHz band which can provide long haul as well as local contacts is incorporated in line with other manufacturers. The latest Kenwood HF & all mode transceivers also cover the new allocations at 5MHz.
  • HF + 6metre Base Station / Mobile: These Kenwood transceivers provide many of the same basic capabilities as the base station only transceivers, but they are smaller so they can be used in a mobile environment. They provide a cost effective solution for base station and mobile operation, but naturally the performance is not as high as the base station only rigs.
  • VHF / UHF Mobile: These transceivers from Kenwood are intended for mobile or base station use. They typically operate on one or more of the VHF / UHF bands with 2 metres and 70 css being he most popular. They typically operate using FM although some digital modes are possible.
  • VHF / UHF Handhelds: Kenwood manufacture a number of very good handhelds for VHF and UHF. Within their range are single and multiple bands, 2 / 70 handhelds are the most dual band offerings, although many more variants are available. Also in the range there are handhelds with a variety of capabilities, appealing to all amateur radio operators.

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