10 Awesome Inventions From Kids to Make the World Better

10 Awesome Inventions From Kids to Make the World Better

"Out of the mouths of babes", as the famous adage goes. Nothing epitomizes this more than these incredible 10 inventions from kids.

The UK Domain recently asked a group of young children between the ages of 6 and 11 how they would make the world a better place. Their proposals are both ingenious and incredibly cute and we've included their original designs below (courtesy of The UK Domain).

The UK Domain also employed the services of a professional illustrator to turn their designs into plausible "real life" versions. They are included below, but you can see some fun interactive versions at the UK Domain link above.

So without further ado here are 10 awesome inventions from kids that, if realized, would certainly make the world a better place. The future is bright, it seems.

1. Luke wants to mix hearts with hot water to create love

Inventor: Luke

Age: 6 Years Old

Location: The United Kingdom

This young future inventor wants to do his part to make the world a better place. His solution is to mix hearts with water to create love-giving special steam.

The idea is that this steam can be released into the air to cheer people up around the world. Any excess hearts can also be boxed up and shipped to people around the world too.

Luke has thought of everything it seems. His love-sharing "Frogainpet" facility also passes muster for its environmental credentials with low to zero waste with its only emissions being happiness!


2. Check out Tyler's Tree Rocket

Inventor: Tyler

Age: 6 Years Old

Location: The United Kingdom

Tyler, aged 6, might have been able to devise the ultimate in environmentally friendly rocketry. His idea is to combine rocket technology with actual trees.

These tree-rockets can then be used by people to travel around the world in moments. For example, a trip from England to Australia should take no more than a single second!

Impressive. The rocket-propelled trees also come complete with windows so passengers get an awesome view on their incredibly short commute.

Entry and exit to the rocket are made possible by a strategically placed door in the trunk. Simple, effective and a possible solution for ultra-fast intercontinental travel!

3. Harry has the ultimate solution to gun-control

Inventor: Harry

Age: 6 Years Old

Location: Australia

Harry, aged 6 from Australia, is very serious about gun control. His zero-tolerance solution is ingenious and controversial in equal measures.

His "Gun Sucker Inner" is a specially designed robot whose purpose is to, well, suck in all the guns it can. But don't worry it doesn't store them in some giant cache for later use.

Any and all guns are destroyed inside its gun-hungry body. For maximum mobility, the robot has a nifty set of wheels to make sure it can travel around as quickly as possible.

An interesting solution we must say.

4. Hannah has apparently solved our waste disposal problems

Inventor: Hannah

Age: 5 Years Old

Location: Australia

Here's another potential Earth-saving invention from the mind of a small, yet ingenious, child. Hannah, aged 5, believes she has found the solution to two of the world's problems.

The first being our excess production of rubbish and the other our depletion of trees. Her "Rubbish Eater" is able to solve both of these issues in one magnificently elegant solution.

By feeding the device with rubbish, the "Rubbish Eater" is able to digest it and convert the waste into actual living trees! Or as Hannah so eloquently puts it her invention actually "poops tree".

Why are we not funding this?

5. "Olly the Ocean Organiser" cleans up the world's oceans

Inventor: Daisy

Age: 9 Years Old

Location: The United Kingdom

Daisy, aged 9, from the United Kingdom has declared war on ocean pollution with her "Olly the Ocean Organiser". Her marvelous machine hunts the world's oceans for trash and scoops it all up using a special net.

Propulsion is provided by an intricate set of propellers that allow for precise movement on its maritime journey. Since it uses a net to gather trash you would be wise to question its potential devastation of fish populations.

But fear not, Daisy has that covered. "Olly" is festooned with many "eyes" that continuously monitor for marine life and avoid potential fatalities.

The entire setup is also solar-powered. Outstanding!

6. Cody has devised an OAP butler and companion

Inventor: Lily

Age: 9 Years Old

Location: The United Kingdom

"Cody the Carer" is Lily's, aged 9 from the United Kingdom, solution to old age loneliness. Her OAP-Butler ensures their elderly-master has everything they could every need.

It is also specifically designed to do the washing up (thanks to its water-proof hands) and provide companionship to ensure they never feel lonely. "Cody" also continuously monitors its surroundings to make sure no harm comes to its charge.

For examples, the ingenious child inventor has also specified that the robot needs to have a "nose for smelling a fire". Practical, convenient and safe all in one humanoid-shaped robotic form.

7. "Bob the Robot" will bring an end to war and cure cancer too!

Inventor: Lexie

Age: 8 Years Old

Location: The United Kingdom

It's official, war is now over. Not just that, we now have a cure for cancer too!

Thank you, Lexie, you have simultaneously resolved two of the world's most serious problems.

"Bob the Robot" is able to get around using a set of wings, naturally, and is also super-smart thanks to its "kindest brain in the world".

Its cancer-curing abilities are provided by a handy box of special pills and it's "hair" also has magical healing powers! Most impressive.

8. Never dress yourself again thanks to Sam's "Dress-Me Machine"

Inventor: Sam

Age: 6 Years Old

Location: Australia

Imagine a world where you would never need to dress yourself again! Granted, the landed gentry of times gone past had this privilege, but for the rest of us, it's a daily chore!

Well, you might not need to wait much longer. Sam from Australia has devised a special machine that can get you ready in no time. Simply select your dream outfit for the day, sit down on a conveyor belt and arrive at the other end completely dressed.

Now all that's left is for you to figure out what to do with the extra time you save having this machine clothe you! Thanks, Sam.

9. Check out this "Food Spawner"

Inventor: Mia

Age: 10 Years Old

Location: Australia

Whoever said that the replicator from Star Trek was pure fantasy obviously never met Mia. This clever little 10 year old from Australia appears to have solved the problem.

Her "Food Spawner" ostensibly resembles a microwave but it is very different. The machine is able to produce any foodstuff you could ever imagine.

The user simply types into its interface what they want to eat and the "Spawner" does the rest. Using its handy top-mounted antennae it is able to search for the relevant recipe and then immediately gets to work creating your dream dinner.

The future is here today thanks to Mia's "Food Spawner". Nice one Mia, now everyone can eat chocolate flavored steaks to their heart's content.

10. Never wait for your "useless" husband to fix something ever again

Inventor: Lily

Age: 9 Years Old

Location: The United Kingdom

It's a little-known fact that the "man of the house" will always get around to fixing that broken thing eventually. This usually ranges between minutes and decades, but rest assured it will get done.

But if it really must get done ASAP, Lily has the perfect solution for you. Her "Tizzer" is a specially designed robot that is capable of repairing absolutely anything and in record time.

All the owner needs to do is point the "Tizzer" towards the problem and it will take care of the rest. You will need to wait around 10 seconds after turning it on to ensure its "high-tech laser" has fired up ready for action.

Then simply watch in amazement as it faithfully fixes your broken item or items in minutes. Absolutely amazing, thanks, Lily!

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