This Levitating Desk Lamp Is Sure to Brighten-Up Your Day

This Levitating Desk Lamp Is Sure to Brighten-Up Your Day

Levia is here to light up your desk in more ways than one. Not only does Levia offer customers a unique lighting experience the well-designed desk lamp comes with a series of features that are sure to turn heads and brighten up your home.

Light Magic

Currently available on Kickstarter, Levia is a marble top levitating lamp. Sleek and minimal, the vision of Levia was born and raised in Italy, capturing the essence of some of the well-known design language of the country.

Levia levitates, but not like any lamp you have seen before. The unique magnetic levitation technology and a hint of magic allow the bulb of the lamp to levitate in mid-air, like something out of a futuristic science fiction movie. Thanks to the magnetic field generated by the system Levia can resist the gravitational pull effect.

However, the story of the LED filament lamp does end there.

Modern Italian Design

Coming in two different colors, Levia’s craftsmanship centers around the elegant use of marble at the base and through the overall design of the lamp.

The designers of the lamps worked to incorporate Carrara marble and Marquina marble. Carrara marble itself is a high quality white or blue-grey marble found in Tuscany, Italy.


While the rustic black Marquina marble stone was extracted from the region of Markina, Basque Country in the North of Spain. Each marble piece part of the Levia lamp is cut by a CNC and then hand-finished, tapping into the long history of fine Italian craftsmanship.

The marble also houses Levia’s unique touch system. Simply touch the base and Levia will brighten up your desktop. No internal batteries needed, the light is powered via electromagnetic induction.

Levia Technology

Levia is very stable due to the lamp’s a bi-directional and automatic management of the device. Do not worry about the bulb falling over as the anti-fall system forces the light bulb to attach itself to the lamp immediately in case of a sudden loss.

Not only is Levia well designed, but it offers a very high energy efficiency compared to more traditional desk lamps. Levia only consumes about 3 watts, equal to a few cents a day with a life cycle of about 50000 working hours. So, if you used it for 8 hours a day for 365 days, the life span of Levia would be around 17 years.

Levia's bulb uses what is called warm light. Unlike the more commonly used cold light, this warm light is associated with more positive feelings in the human mind, additionally, reducing eye strain and improving sleep quality.

Light up your life with the high-quality design and magical technology of Levia.

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