Thai Supermarket Uses Eco-Friendly Banana Leaves for Packaging

Thai Supermarket Uses Eco-Friendly Banana Leaves for Packaging

Plastic waste is everywhere polluting our oceans, killing marine life and even ending up as microplastics in our salt. It has even been reported that by 2050 there will be more pieces of plastics in the sea than fish.


That is why we were excited to see this Thai supermarket's impressive use of banana leaves and bamboo string for packaging. The novel eco-friendly packaging made news after a real estate company shared pictures of the supermarket on Facebook.

"We just popped in to get a few items while we were waiting to sign some contracts with our lawyer, who was delayed, so we were not even meant to be there at that time. When I noticed the veg wrapped in banana leaves and simply liked the idea and showed my wife who picked a few up to buy. I thought I would take a few pictures and just post to the page, and that was it,” said in an interview with Bored Panda one of the Perfect Homes Chiangmai’s team members who took these pictures.

The pictures went viral with many outlets covering the clever envi-ronmentally conscious packaging. The banana leaves can be thrown straight into the compost resulting in zero waste. Don't you think its time all supermarkets followed this example?

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