Stylish and Eco-Friendly Packaging and Bottles Made Entirely of Soap Instead of Plastic

Stylish and Eco-Friendly Packaging and Bottles Made Entirely of Soap Instead of Plastic

Plastic covers many of our packages nowadays, from shampoo and soap bottles to most of our purchased food. One master's student, Mi Zhou, from Central Saint Martins University has created and designed stunning and eco-friendly bottles and packages entirely made out of soap: the Soapack.

Zhou's creations come in all shapes and sizes and are completely sustainable.


The packaging itself can be used as a soap bar and disintegrates once the liquid inside is used up. Alternatively, you can simply re-use the bottle as your next bottle of shampoo if you wish.

Soapack leaves no plastic residue

Zhou was looking for a solution to re-evaluate today's predominantly plastic, and non-reusable, packaging. Typically, once a plastic bottle is used, it's discarded and can take years to disintegrate.

The designer was looking to entice people to use her packaging by using soft and inviting pastel-colored bottles. The smooth and well-rounded shapes appeal to both the touch and the eye, as she was inspired to design them to resemble antique perfume bottles.

"I found that compared to shampoo bottles, we are more likely to keep perfume bottles which mostly are made of glass and look gorgeous," said Zhou.

She continued: "Even if the perfume is used up, we keep the bottles since they are too beautiful to be discarded."

100 percent zero waste

Made from vegetable oil-based soap, the bottles melt away once they're no longer needed - and for the pièce de résistance - even the 'paper' labeling instructions disintegrate in water! Genius.

Zhou uses a thin layer of beeswax to line the bottles so that the liquid inside doesn't seep out.

"It is designed to invite the user to use it or even deconstruct it and make it eventually disappear," said Zhou.

Literally, everything about these bottles and jars is eco-friendly and waste-free.

The main point Zhou is trying to allude to is to gently persuade buyers to think twice before they purchase a beauty product.

"We are living in a period of transition where we are encouraged to act 'sustainably,' in situations where there are few successful options provided," said Zhou. She continued: "We do need to encourage people to use alternatives to respect our environment better but not compromising on user experience."

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