New NASA Watch Illustrates Red Dwarf Star Trappist-1

New NASA Watch Illustrates Red Dwarf Star Trappist-1

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Two years ago, NASA discovered seven exoplanets revolving around a red dwarf star they named Trappist-1. Now, Xeric has released the new NASA-backed Trappist-1 Moonphase Watches based on just that galaxy.


To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Moon landing, Xeric and NASA have launched a Kickstarter campaign for these otherworldly watches. The campaign has reached US$ 3,735,252 of its US$ 10,000 goal with six days remaining.

Redesigned based on feedback

The watches have been redesigned based on the input of the backers of the first Trappist-1 Moonphase campaign. Called the Trappist-1 NASA Edition, the novel watch features an automatic, self-winding movement that generates power as you wear it and two bright Super-LumiNova planets as clock hands.

Meanwhile, the second's hand recreates the movement of how comets streak across the night sky. The piece also boasts a grille adorning the watch face designed after the International Space Station Cupola Grille.

The Cupola is a module comprised of 7 panels and the most massive window ever installed in space. The watch's grille is created to give you a sense of looking into space, just like the astronauts do.

Reading time in space

The watch boasts a power reserve of 42 hours and glowing gas-filled tritium tubes that will last for decades. "You'll always be able to read the time, even in the dark void of space," states the Kickstarter campaign.

If that's not enough, the watch is protected by a glass dome made from shatter-resistant Hesalite, a material developed for NASA in the 1960s to withstand the harsh environments of space. This means your watch is protected by the same element as Buzz Aldrin's and Neil Armstrong's space watches.

Finally, last but not least, the full-grain U.S. Horween leather on the straps is specially stitched to imitate the ridge-lines seen on space gloves. If you like this watch you better rush to get your hands on it. In honor of the year of the moon landing, only 1969 pieces will be made.

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