11 of the Best YouTube Channels for Understanding Mathematics

11 of the Best YouTube Channels for Understanding Mathematics

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Are you interested in mathematics? Do you need some help in solving a math problem? Then you might want to consider consulting some of these great mathematics YouTube channels.


Who is the best math teacher on YouTube?

There are few candidates for the best math teachers on YouTube. But these 11 are definitely some of the best.

1. PatrickJMT is one of the biggest

PatrickJMT is widely considered to be one of the best math-related YouTubers around. His channel has been around for some time now and has grown to over 1 million subscribers.

The channel's host, Patrick, is a community college mathematics professor whose love for math shines through in each of his videos. His mission is to help math-users of all levels up their game and improve their knowledge and grasp of some basic math principles.

This awesome free math channel also features numerous playlists that are helpfully tagged for ease of reference. They include things like inverse trigonometric functions, derivatives, optimization problems, integrals and anti-derivatives, linear equations, linear inequalities, exponents, polynomials, quadratic equations, quadratic inequalities, rational inequalities, logarithms, and functions.

2. Mathmantics is fun and educational

Mathmantics is another great math YouTube channel. It started in 2011 and has since grown to well over 1 million subscribers.

The channel was created by Rob and Jeremy who wanted to make learning mathematics that little bit easier for everyone.

"We know that many students struggle with math and that many teachers and parents need better tools to help students succeed. Our goal is to provide simple and engaging math resources that make learning math more fun for students of all ages." - mathmantics.

3. MathTheBeautiful are like online lectures

MathTheBeautiful is another great math tutorial YouTube channel you might want to check out. Started in 2013, the channel has a respectful 41K subscribers to date.

Unlike other channels featured here, their content is in a longer format, rather than short punchy videos, that really dig deep into certain math problems. If you want the experience of a classroom lecture with the convenience of staying at home then this channel is for you.

According to their YouTube channel: -

"Lemma is devoted to topics in mathematics ranging from High School Algebra to advanced subjects such as Linear Algebra, Calculus and beyond. Lemma videos are distinguished by the depth of the presentation that emphasizing the intuitive aspects of Mathematics."

4. Standupmaths combines standup comedy with math

Mixing mathematics with standup comedy, standupmaths is an interesting diversion from some more serious math-related YouTube channels.

Hosted by Matt Parker, the channel started in 2009 and has well over 470K subscribers to date. He has also racked up over 49 million views at the time of writing.

He must be doing something right.

5. Eddie Woo loves mathematics!

Eddie Woo is a math teacher with a real passion for his subject. Eddie's day job is the Head of Mathematics at a comprehensive school in Sydney, Australia and his love for teaching the subject spilled over to the internet back in 2012.

"I think learning is awesome, and love being able to share what I've learned with others!" - Eddie Woo.

Eddie will inspire you to learn mathematics at your own pace and his enthusiasm for the subject is bound to rub off on you. We thoroughly recommend checking out his channel.

6. 3blue1brown is pretty good too

3blue1brown is another YouTuber who blends having fun with maths tuition. Started in 2015, this math-related YouTube channel has grown to over 2.76 million subscribers and over 132 million views.

According to the channel's description, it "is some combination of math and entertainment, depending on your disposition. The goal is for explanations to be driven by animations and for difficult problems to be made simple with changes in perspective."

7. Khan Academy is one of the best known

Khan Academy is one of the best well-known YouTube channels for learning things. It offers a massive selection of videos on many subjects which of course includes mathematics.

It was founded by Salman Khan in 2006 and is one of the biggest on YouTube with almost 5 million subscribers.

8. Numberphile likes to make math fun

Numberphile is another enormously popular math-related YouTube channel you might want to check out. Founded by Brady Haran, the channel's mission is to help make learning mathematics fun and interesting.

It has almost 3 million subscribers and is still growing.

9. Professor Leonard is another great YouTube channel

Founded in 2011, Professor Leonard is another great maths YouTube channel;. The channel features plenty of high-quality videos on various math-related subjects.

10. Professor Dave Explains combines physics and math

Professor Dave Explains is more aimed at Physics than math, but its math-related content is very good indeed. Prof. Dave is very engaging and will have you grasping difficult math subjects in no time.

11. Math Mammoth is all about math

Math Mammoth attempts to teach math in an unconventional and engaging way. It is one of the smaller channels with just over 25K subscribers but has racked up over 5.7 million views since 2008.

How can I be a good math teacher?

Mathematics can be a very dry subject at times, but a good math teacher can really bring the subject to life. Great math teachers will not only tutor students but also help address their individual struggles with certain aspects of a subject.

Good teachers will also make the subject, and classroom, an appealing place where students will want to return to time and again. But you will also need some other important characteristics to excel as a math teacher or any teacher for that matter.

1. Knowledge of math - Obviously you will need to know your subject like the back of your hand. Learners will quickly expose any deficiencies or holes in your knowledge, so make sure you are up to speed

2. Have a strategy - Plan lessons and make sure they are fun and varied. Talk to peers, attend conferences, or simply keep up to date with professional best practices.

3. Be a leader - Be a leader rather than a boss. You need to facilitate learning, not 'drill' students in mathematics.

4. Teach them to fish - No "do what I say, do what I do" mentality. Great teachers facilitate learning and provide students with the tools they need to solve problems.

5. Care and concern - "As any experienced teacher knows, teaching focuses less on the content being taught than the students being taught. A good math teacher cares about [their] students." - Chron.com.

Who is the best physics teacher on YouTube?

Just like mathematics, there are plenty of great Physics-related channels on YouTube. As it happens we have a whole article devoted to this very subject.

If you are particularly interested in space and the cosmos, you might want to check out some of these too.

Watch the video: Class 11: Best Channel for Physics, Chemistry, Math u0026 Biology. Science Stream (July 2022).


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