A Tesla Model S Has Been Rebuilt as a Hearse and Costs over $200,000

A Tesla Model S Has Been Rebuilt as a Hearse and Costs over $200,000

There's a new look for the Tesla Model S, and it's longer, taller, but can only seat two people in the front and can only accommodate one person in the back. And you won't find it on the Tesla website. Not quite yet, anyway.

It's a hearse, and it's been built in Norway, by Jan Erik Naley and it costs significantly more.


Electric vehicles and hearses as a combination

If you stop and think about it, a hearse makes for a great electric vehicle. They don't typically drive long distances, usually just a short distance between the church, funeral home, and the graveyard - all of which are typically near each other.

A Tesla hearse goes for sale at a whopping $200,000 by

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On top of which, they have enough time to fully charge up, as they're not used all that often throughout one day.

With this in mind, the Norwegian website Finn posted the sale of a Tesla Model S hearse online for NOK1,999,000 (Norwegian Krone), or roughly $223,500.

It was built by Jan Erik Naley, whose specialty lies in making hearses, and who has already made three Tesla versions.

It was no easy feat. The car not only had to be changed entirely in its interior as well as the back of the roof, but Naley also had to increase the length of the vehicle by 80cm.

The vehicle already has 1,000km docked.

Let's see what Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, may have to say about this - will the company include hearses in their repertoire soon?

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